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This application allows you to easily record a backcountry itinerary. Simply fill it in, print it out, and hit the trail. It's best to leave a copy with a friend, but even leaving a copy in your car will help!

Why this site?

The idea of this site came about following a pair of high-profile cases of lost hikers in the Sierra Nevada. Both hikers were highly experienced in backcountry travel and climbing, but failed to return on time. Without a note or detailed itinerary searchers were left little to work with.

Maverick, from the High Sierra Topix board, proposed a standard form that backcountry travelers could leave in their car or with a friend; this would contain the information search and rescue (SAR) teams would need to mount an effective search. The goal of this site is to make that form both easily available and easy to fill out!


This site does not maintain a copy of your trip record; it is your responsibility to make it accessible to any who may need it. Any stored data (e.g. profile information) resides on your own computer and is managed by your web browser.

Original form idea & design by Peter Agoston, web application and design by Jeremy Bishop.
Green Question icons are copyright Double-J Design and used under a Creative Commons license.

Disclaimer: It is your responsibility to leave a printed copy of this trip report with a trusted contact or at a location that will result in a search should you not return when planned. Information entered here is not monitored and will not trigger a search.