How It Works

  1. Fill in details about you, your trip, and your gear.
  2. Print a copy to leave in your car (and campsite)
  3. Shred or recycle it when you make it safely home

Should something go wrong, this form will increase the odds of you being found, but in the long run, your best insurance is your own preparation and judgement.

Saving a Local Copy

A downloadable PDF version of the form is now available; it can be accessed from the "PDF Form" link on the menu bar.

The PDF has been Reader-enabled, allowing anyone with the free Adobe Reader to save the completed form.

It's also possible to save a local copy of the web form on your own desktop, although this is not as robust as using the PDF. Most web browsers have the option to do a "Save As..." for a page, and you should select "Web Page, complete" for the file type. Here are brief instructions for the most common browsers:

Please note that any stored profile information is tied to the filename or URL of the form; updating your profile on one copy will not update any others. If you've saved a copy of the form and wish to update your itinerary, saving the form again is the best way to retain an editable copy; the form is primarily intended to be completed once and printed to paper.

Stored Profile Information

The profile information you supply is stored on your own computer; it is not uploaded to this site and we do not have access to it nor to any trip details. (This storage functionality is provided by the new Web Storage feature in HTML5.) Should you want to delete this information, you may do so by clicking here:

Photo Sizing

Most digital photos are far larger than necessary; re-sizing them will save space and bandwidth. If you are not already adept at the process you may use an online service to scale them to an appropriate size. (E.g. Pic Resize) For reference, the user profile photo displays a maximum of 285x285 pixels. Uploaded maps are displayed no more than 800 pixels wide.

Note: Since some images will be stored on your computer for re-use (e.g. your profile image), we have added code to automatically re-size larger images.


Please send feedback regarding the form to Peter Agoston and Jeremy Bishop.

Disclaimer: It is your responsibility to leave a printed copy of this trip report with a trusted contact or at a location that will result in a search should you not return when planned. Information entered here is not monitored and will not trigger a search.