Include work, home, cell and e-mail for emergency contacts.

Record the contact number for SAR or the Sheriff's dispatcher for the county you'll be starting your hike in.

Note: do not use the wilderness permit station's number as it is not an emergency number.

List any relevant experience you possess that will be used on this trip, for example: Rock Climbing 5.9b (trad), Canyoneering 3A, Cross Country Pass Class 4. List any previous experience/climbs/routes/trips to this or similar areas.

Current Photo

Have you checked the weather forecast and packed appropriately?
Include make, model, color, and plate number for cars, or route number and time for buses. Include where the vehicle will be parked (if known).
Include satphone or cell phone numbers and service providers

Leave exact departure time from trailhead on the form you leave in your car. (Useful if you get a later-than-expected start.)
Are you carrying a paper or digital map? Which one? Is the one you plan to carry different from the one you plotted your route on or uploaded to this form?

Have you left appropriate instructions for your emergency contact to notify SAR/Sheriff's Department if you are overdue? Has a date/time for contacting authorities been discussed; if yes, what?

You may use any online map provider that supports linking directly to a map marked with your route.

For example, you can go to, mark your path, and then from the "Input and Output" tab select "Link To". Copy the provided URL into this field.

Map displays at bottom of page.

What is your previous experience in this area? Do you have a contingency/back-up plan in case you have to exit early or stay in the backcountry for longer than you originally planned due to an emergency?

Describe alternate routes/passes that you plan to use for a quick exit like in the case of unpredicted extreme weather. Be specific as possible and include a copy of these exit points/routes on a separate map (or upload its URL) titling it as an "Emergency Exit Routes" map.

Equipment List (include make, model, and color)

List any other items you are carrying which might help SAR locate you.

Written descriptions, including brand, model, color, size, etc. are very important. Lay out all the gear you plan to take on your trip, remove from stuff sacks, take a color photo of it, and upload it below.

Refer to the help page for suggestions on how best to obtain a print.
Disclaimer: It is your responsibility to leave a printed copy of this trip report with a trusted contact or at a location that will result in a search should you not return when planned. Information entered here is not monitored and will not trigger a search.